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Technology of production elbows, tees, reducers, end caps of pipe.

We offer you a wide range of fittings (elbows, tees, reducers, end caps of pipe) according your requirement and standard.

We use advanced technology in our production: hot forming metod, cold forming metod, hydroforming metod.

We offer you machine to produce fittings by
  • hot forming;
  • cold forming;
  • hydroforming metod;
  • stamping.

Elbow forming machine

U-bend elbowThick-walled elbow

End caps for pipe machine

Pipe reducer making machine

Eccentric Reducer for pipe

Technology of production elbows

Elbow hot forming machine - is a machine that used a special mould - hot mandrel. With this technology first you need to cut a pipe according size your standards. Then forming them with hot mandrel, then calibration in a special stamp, and finish in a beveling machine.

Elbow hot forming machine

Пресс протяжки для изготовления отводов

Hot forming elbows

Elbow hot mandrel

Elbow cold forming machine  is a machine that forming pipe to elbow by cold deformation. We offer you an automatic elbow cold forming machine. With this machine you can use a hole pipe (without cutting) to produce elbows.

Automatic elbow cold forming machine

But welded fitting machine. First you cut a sheet of metal, then put into a hydraulic press, then stamping this piece of cutting sheet. Then weld 2 pieces of fitting. In finish - cut in a beveling machine.

Technology of production tees

Tees hot forming machine. To produce tees by this method plank pipe first must be heated. We offer you a wide range of machine to produce tees to a diameter 1420 mm according your requirements.

Tees hot forming machine

Tees hydroforming machine. We offer you equipment to produce titanium, copper, steel tees by hydroforming.

Hydroforming tees