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Pipe Reducer Making Machine to a Diameter 219

Pipe Reducer Making Machine to a Diameter 219

We are professional in producing hydraulic presses for produce elbow, tee, reducer. This pipe reducer making machine is a hydraulic press to producer pipe reducer to a diameter 530 mm.

We  offer you hydraulic press according youк technical characteristic.

Concentric pipe reducer

Eccentric pipe reducer


Technical characteristic (hydraulic press - pipe reducer making machine)

Diameter of pipe reducer, mm 45-57;57-76;57-89;57-108;76-9;89-108;108-133;108-159;159-219
The quantity of pipe reducer in the work shift, pieces 50-400
Staff, person 2
Hydraulic press
Dimensions, mm 2000х1100х600
Electric capacity, kW 11
Weight, 1500
Oil Station
Oil tank capacity, l 48
Pressure hydraulic system, kg/cm2 10-90