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About LTD Kantar

 About LTD Kantar

LTD Kantar was founded in 1988. We are located in Russia, Chelyabinsk region, Yuzhnouralsk. We are working in machinery market more than 27 years.

We are professional in construction elbow hot forming machine, automatic elbow cold forming machine, pipe tee forming machine, reducer making machine, hydraulic presses.

The objectives of our company

Providing engineering factories reliable equipment

Our factory are:

  • Reliable team
  • Several industrial buildings
  • CNC machines
  • Casting factory

We produce:

  • elbow forming machine (cold forming and hot forming, induction forming)
  • pipe tee forming machine (hot forming, hydraulic machine, extrusion machine)
  • hydraulic press according your technical characteristic
  • u-bend elbows
  • thick-walled pipe bends
  • pipe tees
  • reducers
  • mould (die) for produce elbows

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