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Butt Welded Fitting Machine

How to Produce Butt Welded Fittings

We offer you special hydraulic press to produce fittings (elbows, tees, reducers) according you standard (ASME, DIN, etc)

Technological process:

  • Cut raw material metal list in a special form.
    Put it in a special mould (die) and press it.
    Weld 2 parts of fitting
    Finishing in a beveling machine

Hydraulic press (for butt welde fittings)

оборудование для изготовления штампосварных отводов, переходов, тройников

Technical characteristic PSHD-720 PSHD-1020
Diameter of fittings, mm 325-720 530-1020
Dimensions, mm 2550 х 1880 х 5550 3800 х 2820 х 7900
Electric pover, kW 45 65
Pressure, kg/ cm 2 10-16 10-16
Oil tank capacity, l 800 1300
Weight, kg 27000 65000

This hydraulic press allow to produce fittings to a big diameter and wall thickness.