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Hot Forming Tee Fitting Machine to a Diameter 219

How to Produce Tee Fitting Elbow: Hot Forming Tee Fitting Machine

LTD Kantar supply you high performance equipment to produce tee fitting: hot forming tee fitting machine. We construct machine according your requirement (standard that you needed: ASME, ASTM, SMS, DIN, 3A, SMS or different)

It is a special hydraulic press with special tee mould. In this equipment you can produce reducers and end caps for pipe.

Hot forming tee machine

hot forming tee fitting machine

Technical characteristic

1. Hydraulc press

Dimensions, mm 4200х950х2000
Electric power, kW 18,5
Weight, kg 5500
Pressure in hydraulic system, kg/cm2 10-120
Oil tank volume, l. 100
2.Furnace for heating. We can supplay gas burner
Dimensins, mm 1600х1700х1500
Electric piver, kW 3,0
Weigh. kg 2600
Water tank volume, l 1200