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Hot Forming Elbow Machine, Diameter 219mm

Hot Forming Elbow Machine. Produce Elbows to a Diameter 219

We offer you hot forming elbow machine. This is model used to produce elbow to a diameter 219 but we can supply hot forming elbow machine according your dimensions.

This equipment used to produce carbon and alloy steel elbow.

The technology is:

  • Cut the tube according your size
  • Pull on special elbow mandrel
  • Put elbow in calibration stamp
  • Finishing in beveling machine

hot forming mandrel for hot forming elbow machineCalibration mould (die)Beveling machine

When you produce elbows you can attention that there are remains unused tube. Use that tube you can produce reducers. We offer you reducer making machine.

Photo gallery of hot forming machine to a diameter Ø 219

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    Модель ПО-50-2р

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Technical characteristic

Name of the model
Diameter of elbows, mm 57, 76, 89, 108, 114,133,159, 219
The quantity of stream 2 streams to a diameter 114
1 stream to a diameter  133,159,219
The quantity of elbows in the work shift 40 — 1000
Service staff 3 — 4
Structure of the equipment
1. Hydraulic press
Dimensions, mm 4500х1100х1450
Electric pover, kW 15
Weight, kg 1500
Pressure, kg/ cm 2 10 — 90
2. Furnace for heating. We can equip gas burner
Dimensions, mm 1920 Х 1800 Х 1400
Electric pover, kW 3
Weight, kg 1800
Fuel consumption, l per hour 6 — 14
3. Hydraulic press with special hot forming mandrel
Dimensions, mm 1100 Х 900 Х 2500
Electric pover, kW 5,5
Weight, kg 800
The capacity of the hydraulic system, l 87