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Hot Forming Elbow Machine, Diameter 89mm

Hot Forming Elbow Machine to a Diameter 89

Hot forming machine PO-3000 is machine for produce elbows to a diameter 89mm from carbon steel and allow steel elbows. This equipment is very productive because allows to product elbows in 4 stream in a same time.

This hot elbow forming machine is constructed specially for mass production elbows.

Technology of elbows production:

  1. Cut the tube of the correct size
  2. Passage the tube through special mandrel
  3. Calibration elbow in special stamp - calibration stamp
  4. Finishing working in beveling machine

hot forming mandrelCalibration mouldBeveling machine

We offer you pipe reducer machine also. When you produce elbows you have a remnants of the pipe. You can use them to produce reducers.

Technical characteristic Name of the model
Diameter of elbows 33,38,45,57 mm - in 4 stream in the same time
76,89 mm - in 2 stream in the same time
The quantity of taps in the work shift 300-2000
Service staff 3-5
Structure of the equipment
1. Hydraulic press
Dimensions, mm 4000 mm х800 mm х1000 mm
Electric pover, kW 7,5+1,5
Weight, kg 1000
Pressure in hydraulic system, kg/cm2 10 —60
Oil tank volume, l 120
*** we can equip gas burner
2. Furnace for heating
Dimensions 1400 mm х960 mm х700 mm
Electric power, kWh 2,2
Weight, kg 1000
Fuel consumption, l per hour 5-10
3. Hydraulic press with special hot forming mandrel
Dimension 2200 mm х1000 mm х800 mm
Electric power, kW 7,5
Weight, kg 1000
The capacity of the hydraulic system, l 50

The price includes customer training