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Hydroforming Machine

How to Produce Tee Fittings: Hydroforming Tee Machine

You can produce tee fitting by hydroforming method. We offer you hydraulic press - hydroforming tee machine.

We construct equipment according your requirement. With hydraulic tee press you can produce tee according different standards: ASME, ASTM, SMS, DIN, 3A or others.

Hydroforming tee - is a very hight technology allow you produce tee to a diameter 426.


Hydroforming tee machine to a diameter 25 PGF-33

Hydroforming tee machine tp a diameter Ø219 PGF-219

Techinical characteristic

PGF-33 PGF-108 PGF-219 PGF-426
Diameter of tee. mm 15, 20, 25 38-108 57-219 219-426
Electric capacity, kWh 20 25 60 120

We offer you beveling machine also.

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