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Induction Bending Machine

Induction bending machine

LTD Kantar offers you induction bending machine. Induction bending machine is designed for hot forming tube using a high frequency induction current. When this pipe is bent sequentially by electromagnetic fields. This technology is used to bend the tube to a big diameter in nuclear power, petroleum and chemical industry.

Induction bending machine can be used to bend low-carbon steel tube, stillness tube, special alloy tube.

Induction bending machine

Induction heat bending machine

Technical characteristic
TGT-426 TGT-1020
Tube diameter, mm 76-426 426-820
Wall thickness, mm 6-35 10-40
Electric capacity, kW 400 800
Consaption of cooling water flow, m3 3 5
Pressure in hydraulic system, mPA 10-16 10-16
Oil volume tank, l 800 1300
Bending speed, mm/sec 1-40 1-40
Weight, kg 29000 68000

*** We supply you induction bending elbow machine

Advantages of induction pipe bending:

  • You can set radius of bending (1 tube you can bend with different radius)
  • You can set length of any straight section before the first and the last bend and between bend.
  • High quality of bend
  • There are no residual stresses in the metal