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Metal elbows

Metal elbows: production and technology

We offer you metal elbow according your requirements (dimensions, degree, material and standards)

We can produce u-bend elbow.

In mass production we offer you copper, steel and titanium elbow.

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Appointment and producing of elbows

Elbows - is one of important fitting that are used to change tube directions. Elbows may be produced in short radius and long radius and different degree.

Technology of producing elbow by hot forging machine:

  • Cute the tube in size that you need
  • Hot forming deformation with special hot mandrel
  • Calibration in special press
  • Beveling (use beveling machine)

Technology of producing elbow by cold forming machine:

  • put tube in a hydraulic press
  • stamp
  • beveling

We offer you machine to produce elbow.

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