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Production of Elbows: Equipment and Technology

Production of Elbows: Equipment and Technology

We are professionals in the production of elbow machine

We offer you

  • cold forming elbow macnine,
  • hot forming elbow machine,
  • butt welded elbow machine.

Whith this equipment you can producw elbows up to the diameter 1020 mm.

We produce also beveling machine for the processing ends

When you produce elbows you have unmeasured remains of pipes. You can use them to produce reducers! We can offer you special machine - pipe reducer making machine

Technology of Production of Elbows

Elbow - is a pipeline fittings. Used to change the direction of the pipeline

Elbow 180 Degree ( U-bend )U-bend elbow

Nowadays elbows are produced by cold forming machine, by hot forming machine and by butt welded.

In hot forming machine one of the main detail is the hot forming mandrel.

We produce hot forming mandrel.

hot forming mandrel.

After hot forming process elbows must be calibrated. For calibration use spetial mould - Elbow Calibration Moulds. We offer you this mould.

Elbow Calibration MouldsElbow Moulds

The final stage - is processing ends of elbows whit beveling machine. We offer high-performance beveking machine.

Elbow beveling machineBeveling machine

Besides hot forming machine we offer cold forming elbow making machine.
We constructed high-performance equipment for production elbows to a diameter 15-20 mm and 219 mm.

Cold forming elbow machineElbows